Social Events

The goal of our social events is to promote business networking and exchange of ideas and experiences. We regularly organize:

  • Live theater productions
  • Live musical performances
  • Children’s musical and cultural programs
  • Networking mixers with guest lectures
  • Networking Happy Hours
  • Monthly movie nights at the library 

Upcoming Events

Elin Pelin Foundation – Annual Meeting

The meeting will be held on Saturday, June 19th at 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM using ZOOM
Open to all current and future members of Elin Pelin Foundation.
Members will receive meeting number and password one week prior
Guests and future members are welcome то watch the live stream meeting on Facebook Live

Annual Report
Current and Future Projects
Current Board Reflections
New candidates for Board of Directors
Election of Board of Directors
New Members and Membership Renewals

Requirements to be able to cast a vote:
• Must be present at the Zoom meeting.
• Voting on Facebook will not be anonymous, and the results will be counted and displayed in the comments.
• Current up-to-date membership – All voting members of the foundation as of May 31st of this year.
• If you are not able to vote on the date you could submit a Proxy vote to another member of the Foundation. Please fill the form below and submit to send your form before the meeting begins.

Requirements for Board of Directors applicants:
• Current up-to-date membership. Membership must be valid as of January 1st of this year or with the exclusive approval of the current board of directors.
• List with 10 % (or more) of current members, supporting your appointment. Currently, 10 percent amounts to 5+ members.
• A brief autobiography and the list described above must be sent to the secretary of the foundation:
• The deadline for submission of the application is June 17th, 2021.

Proxy Vote

I hereby appoint __________________________________ my proxy to represent me at the 2021 Annual Meeting, or at any adjourned meeting, and to act in my stead, authorizing this person fully to do all things that I could or might do if personally present.
I also authorize this person to do every act whatsoever necessary or proper to be done in or upon all matters that may lawfully come before said annual meeting or any adjournment thereof. Further, I hereby revoke any proxy or proxies previously given by me to any person or persons.

Date: Name: __________________________
(Please print name legibly).


Bulgarian Parliament Elections July 2021

Past Events

You can filter our previous events by type and can see the full photo albums for each by pressing on the one/s of interest:

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